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The Manhood Manual

The only book of its kind ever published!


     After reading the study from the Debunked scientists and becoming a man myself, I knew I needed to do my part to help boys become men. My Dad reads these books about how to get rich.  My Mom reads a lot of books with shirtless, long-haired men on the cover, but she sometimes reads books about how to cook better too (gifts from my Dad that he says are from us kids).  Even my sister is in on the self-help book craze believe it or not.  Although it isn’t going to help, Kate reads books about how to look prettier and how to make boys like her.  (Yeah, right!)  But there isn’t one book out there on how to become the man I am.  For me, it was hard work. The way I see it, my bumps and bruises are your express ticket to manhood.  


     So, for all you boys out there, this is Volume 1 of The Manhood Manual - the one and only super self-help handbook about getting to where I am today – a successful, well-adjusted, good looking thirteen year-old MAN! This book is full of great stories and better lessons on how to become a man!  


     Let’s get you to the other side.  Buy your copy today!

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